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Seem to be good

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I have a AA s200 sub 12, running at 11.5 ft/lbs and a AA s410 fac running at 34 ft/lbs, using AA fields 16g and 18g. I posted on here before how squirrels seemed to be tough to kill and sometimes managed to kick a yard or two before stopping. The guns were obviously up to the job and others said it happened to them also.

Out of curiosity, I tried some of the new Hades in 15.9g in the fac. Had 3 yesterday and have to say that they just dropped on the spot.

So perhaps they are a super duper pellet. Anybody else using them and noticing a difference ?


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I have the same two guns and use AA field in 16gn.

Have started using Hades in the S200.

Personal observation so far on rats and squirrel is that some drop on the spot and others jump about, seems to depend on area of brain destroyed by impact of missile more than missile make/type? 

Upper body shots a different ball game?

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