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Pigeon Rotary Magnets pigeons slipping

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Many of us seem to suffer with real pigeons or decoys slipping around the central spike on the pigeon magnet. I've broken a few clamps overtightening them to prevent them slipping. It seems as though as soon as I get into the hide one of the pigeons is upside down. Has anyone got and ideas how to fix this? 

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1 hour ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Get a file and file a flat on each bar to allow you to tighten on to more firmly.:good:


54 minutes ago, Westley said:

I marked the arm at the point I wanted the decoy to be at, then I drilled a countersunk type indentation so the tip of the thumb screw went into that. That sorted any movement. 

I went for the simple way of wrapping a bit of insulation tape around the arm if it was needed , must be loads of ways to overcome these minor problems :lol:

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11 hours ago, pigeon controller said:

As stated , just file a small flat on the shaft and it will grip.

+1, the most annoying thing similar to this I had was a telescopic bouncer with a worn ferrule which would not tighten up resulting in birds doing knife edge flights as well as totally inverted, only thing I could do was clean the extending section, set it to the (roughly) right height and super glued it down the tube, seems to be holding ok, 

My gear is generally rubbish anyway, two flappers with burnt out motors, a magnet with a detached arm mount (weld broken) glued up bouncers, paint faded shells, broken and bent hide poles and torn nets, hence the use of dead birds for decoys and making hides from tree branches , still seems to bring in the birds, the only thing any good are my guns,

Did I mention I just went for an eye test, result was cataracts in both eyes and my long sight vision failing due to astigmatism in my right eye, £380 for new glasses , no wonder I keep missing the birds, roll on Christmas, I had better start making a list for Santa 😅

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