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Full body v stackable v socks?

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Never used socks so can't comment. 

Both fully bodied and half shells have there uses on the day. I actually like a mix, depends who's carrying the kit. Not heavy but bulky.

I prefer half shells as I can mount them on spring sticks which adds a bit of movement.

I can also pack around 20 halfs shells in the side pocket of my bergan but can only get about 6 full bodied in the entire bag with other essential kit.

Better to drop a few pigeons and use them as decoys, keep a few in the fridge to start the next session off.

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I will normally start with my old faithful flocked shells. I will maybe carry 10, if I have a bit of a walk. If I have a long walk, I will probably just take the magnet. I don't use any of my full bodied decoys these days.

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On 15/06/2020 at 10:17, clangerman said:

between myself and friends must have used most types over the years and come back to dead birds  every time nothing comes close to the real thing breasted out i get ten in the rucksack easy 

Me too, I also have 6 silo-soaks that I can just put in a carrier bag and a pocket full of carts and go for a walk and see if an opertunity arrises. they do work ok in the wind but have to be filled out with grass or straw when its still. :good:

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