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Benelli Montefeltro Beccaccia (Woodcock) 20 gauge

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Benelli Montefeltro Beccaccia (Woodcock)


20 gauge Shotgun Private Seller
Used - Mint Condition Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Semi-Automatic, -, -, 24" barrels


Perfect Benelli Montefeltro Beccaccia (Woodcock), easily the best of the lightweight 20g semi-autos, designed as a quick gun for hunting woodcock, but equally useful on clays or pigeon etc

The Benelli Beccaccia 20 bore semi-automatic shotgun has, 24" multichoke barrel, 3" chamber, quality wood stock, and is very fast weighing in at light 2.56kg / 5lb 10oz. Also ideal as a ladies or youth gun due to weight, handling and low recoil.

Comes with Manufacturer's hard plastic case with spare chokes, choke key, stock shims, manuals, oil etc

Performs flawlessly, and is in mint condition, due to hardly any use.

This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member Nisnool. Message them here

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would love to be able to look at this gun been looking for a 20 semi for a while, only trouble is maybe a bit to much. plus with this lock down life not easy, i have owned one of these guns in the past but in a 12g nice guns, i shall keep a eye on this add, maybe if you dont sell we could do a deal.



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I have just ordered a  new 12g M2. This gun was for my Missus, so has had next to no use. If its had a slab of cartridges through it i would be surprised. Its a bargain, so no offers please.


Edited by Nisnool
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