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BASC Introduction to pigeon shooting


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1 minute ago, nicknsd1978 said:

Didn’t know if this was worth attending for a newbie or whether it was a waste of time

I have not been on the course myself and people often poo poo these things rather like the DSC1 course (which I have attended) but it much depends on where you are in your shooting. As a newcomer you are bound to learn a few things and as an older hand you might gather a few different ways to approach the sport. At the very least you would likely meet some potential shooting mates going forward. 

when I did my DSC course I had already shot a fair few deer but I got so much out of it. Not so much from the course but picking up ideas and information from those around me. If you can afford it, then why would you not want to do it?  

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9 hours ago, nicknsd1978 said:

With being a member of BASC already I think for the cost it will be well worth while. I don’t have a lot of time for shooting so if I can shortcut things by attending then I think why not plus it’s a good excuse to get out for the day

That's a good attitude to take and for what these courses cost it's less than a guided day, you'll probably come away with lots of useful information stored for later than can take years of decoying to achieve. 

Good luck to you, I hope the pigeons turn up too.

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Hi All 

i have the pleasure of running the courses in your Central region nicknsd1978, 

We have good feedback from the days and manage to cover a lot in the time we have. 

Mainly classroom in the morning covering the law around pigeon shooting, shotgun law etc, then outside for hide building, decoying and some shooting from a seat in the hide at some clays 

we will help you with a bit of gun fit, eye dominance and coach you while you shoot.

i enjoy doing the courses as  I get to learn from peoples success and failures and pass on my knowledge to help as much a poss 

obviously at the moment things are a bit different but we are booking future courses so if you contact the ladies in the office you should be able to book on one   

course is £45 for members 

Look forward to meeting you if you decide to come along 

take care all 


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