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What’s everyone on and what do you pay?

Mine are on PetPlan but the premiums have increased from £25/dog/month to £90/dog/month in just 10 years. Maximum cover is £4K. It’s just not worth it anymore. One my dog broke his knee in a freak accident on sharp rock and cost £4200 to rebuild 6 years ago, would have been PTS otherwise but after a year of slow recovery has been fantastic. We do claim a lot on the insurance, but thin coated shooting dogs have lots of injuries. £2,000 a year on insurance after tax is a considerable portion of my salary and can’t continue. 

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We pay about £43 a month atm for 1 dog I think 😮 


They put it up to that amount, I have enquired about changing but our vets didn't seem keen on changing.

Ted has been into the vets for the following.

1) He had an upset stomach, I imagine he ate something funny, they gave him some Prokotin (can buy it for half the price on Amazon) ... they said if I change insurer and he has issues then they won't cover anything digestive :/ 

2) He went through a load of nettles and had some red irritated skin for a bit, it didn't go away for a little bit so my Mrs wanted to take him in just to be safe. They said this is a pre-existing skin condition and if we change we will not be covered for any skin issues.

3) He had the tiniest of lumps on his gum, I asked the vet to just take a glance at it when we were there for a booster jab. They noted this down on their computer, they said if he ever develops cancer now they will count that as pre-existing and not cover it. 

4) He ate a load of mince pies once, I took him in as a precaution and they gave him some stuff to throw up. They now say any kidney of similar problems will count as pre-existing and not be covered. 



This all came from my vets btw. All those above issues I just paid for with my own money rather than claim as I didn't think it was worth the bother of claiming and the price going up. Then the price went up anyway. I think I will change my vets to be honest as things that in the past would have been shrugged off seem to have been lumped into any "pre-existing" condition under the sun and I am not overly impressed. 

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We are over insured as a nation.

I have never bothered with veterinary insurance. £2,000 per year plus is stupid money. If the dogs need treating I pay for it. In a lifetime of dog ownership, including a team of working dogs for 45 years, I have only ever had two bills of £1,000. Had one or two at £300 and everything else has been under the hundred I think. 
£40 plus per month is NUTS! Put the money in a tin or leave it in the bank so you can pay bill when (if) they come.

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I use animal friends for my GWP, not entirely sure (without reading policy) what is covered, but she has recently had a severe cut to her foot  to the bone and catching a vein close to her arteries, which they covered full costs for minus the £99 excess  they just dealt with the vet group. The policy is £11pm so not out of the way but just tried to cover my lab pup quoted at £14pm but as I said I might work her in a couple of years they have refused cover completely. So I guess I'll be on the search again.

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52 minutes ago, B725 said:

Have you read the policy as a lot don't cover working dog's. 

Yes I realise it doesn't cover working dogs, since I got a quote for the pup, but when she slit the foot no questions were asked as obviously she was only going a walk. The question that keeps niggling me is if a working spaniel or such is kept as a pet but works hedges etc for fun on a walk, wheres the difference, in my mind a dog should be insured for illness and non work accidents etc but not for working injuries etc, similar to taking a car or bike on a track day your insured to drive/ride it there, but racing on a track is at your own risk/cost

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