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Went to meet Jdog again today  Very generous for inviting me again  .. he gave me a pea field that had been hammered by pigeons for weeks but unable  to shoot ( see jdogs post)  Anyway jdog trusted me to keep the pigeons off it for the afternoon as I have now graduated his beginners coarse  while he and mighty mariner went to shoot another ... I set up with a magnet  and 24 shells and with in minutes the birds where coming in  some at a good to far distance  I carried on some good form  from Tuesday but did miss some easy ones as ye do.. Jdog came and join me as he was getting blown away where he was positioned  In the other field but also perfect timing due to my second visit from a local ... After an hour Jdog told I was either not getting invited again or we must social distance by 100 meters I’m guessing this was because I was shooting well and he was not getting my usual left overs🤣👍☹️We ended the day with 50 in our field MM with 22  in his so a good day all round .., anyway here’s my hits and some misses hope you lik


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Another good video. A couple of left and rights 👍 Nice shot at decent range at 0:52. I much preferred the section of the video when the music had a break 🎶🔫  personally just prefer the sound of the shot rather than faux metal noise. 

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Another great video, it reminded me of the times I regretted leaving the semi auto at home .🙂
There appeared to be a fair wind there, the way the birds flared , that doesn't make things easy. 
I often wonder why it is we sometimes miss the easy ones, but then take miraculous long range shots.
My friend use to reckon its because "we ain't wired right".



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