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Old Beretta blade type front beads

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Hi All

I want to remove the front blade bead from my Beretta 682X as I find it quite off putting (it shines super bright in sunny weather).  I have tried pulling it with pliers and easing it out but cant seem to make it budge.  I am nervous about applying to much brute force for fear of damaging the finish on the rib so before I send it to a gunsmith does anyone have any tips or advice on how  the darn thing comes out?

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34 minutes ago, Wingman said:

What you would advise to warm it?

I boil a kettle, put the hot water in a jug, put a glove on, dip the end of the barrels in and then work it out with the gloved hand.


Usually comes out in one piece and can be put back in again if required.

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