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41 minutes ago, Houseplant said:

When I came to a similar decision, my head said .308 and my heart said 7mm08. I went with my heart. No regrets. In reality, I don't think there is much to differentiate the two in the real world, apart from maybe the extreme ends of each loads in the two calibres. These are all toys and all the calibres mentioned will do the job, so get what you want. Life is too short!

100%  I only went with a weird variety of calibres because I wanted something different, but, to be honest nothing falls over any different to when the only rifle I had was a Parker Hale Safari in 308Winchester and probably killing a hundred eeer a year with it.   I purchased a 257 Roberts and felling love with that cartridge, then had a wildcat built shooting a 1/4 inch  bullet but based on the rimmed 7x57 case this was my own design and as with any wildcat was a gamble. It proved a winner and is now one of my favorite cartridges. If you want an all round killing cartridge then look at the 375JDJ but have your dentist check your teeth are all nice and firm.   You will have to reload that I'm afraid.

NOW, to be absolutely serious, have a look at the 300 Holland & Holland, this is an old cartridge but still will hold it's own with any cartridge accuarcy wise and shoots the whole range of 308 bullets. I have a barrel for my Encore in this calibre.  

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On 22/06/2020 at 21:16, Walker570 said:

25-06 Ben will do anythng you need to do in this country.      

If i could have just one round, the .2506 is hard to beat. its the king of the varminters and yet deer capable and flat shooting. I love the 2506.

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I have a .25-06 and a .308. 

Prefer the. 308 personally.

Unless you homeload the .25 is a **** to get ammo for and it's ******* expensive. 

inside 300 yards... And probably further there is no real advantage to the .25 at all. I shoot 100gr federal premium in the .25 and 123gr Sako in the .308, in the real world. I don't hold over any different at 300yds with either. Half way up a roe does neck. 

The Sako ammo is half the price. 

Whoever said that the .25 is only good for 600rounds hasn't used mine. I will be the thick side of 2500 rounds and still 3/4 inch grouping at 100. 

Mind you. Your .308 would have had a much longer barrel life. 

I used to have a .270 for work in Sako 75. Loved that rifle. Should never of sold it. When I get the opportunity I'll probably rebarrel the .25 in either that or .30-06. 

Or just sell it and keep the .308.


One thing with the .25 if you are thinking of going down that route is that it is below the minimum recommended calibre for Wild Boar (which is .270) so if you ever feel like shooting one of those, or get invited. You might have to use something else. 

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If your one of those people who sit at a bench and continually fire rounds killing paper, water jugs etc etc until you can fry and egg on the barrel then any barrel is not going to last very long.

I had one of the first 17 Remingtons in the UK and the word from the 'experts' was it would be burned out after less than 500 rounds.  That rifle eventually spread its group to just under 1 inch after 10 years and hundreds of foxes, coyotes, javelina, crows, magpies and rabbits.  I rarely fired a shot at paper, just to check a new batch of reloads, one or two shots, then it had to be soft and furry and I don't believe that Douglas barrel ever got warm.

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1 hour ago, njc110381 said:

.270 is one I've always fancied. Looks to be a pretty decent round. Will you be buying a factory rifle or having one built?

Just a factory rifle. Can't afford anything fancy at the minute but will treat myself to a custom rifle at some point! 

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On 23/06/2020 at 10:49, Benthejockey said:

Despite my assertions to the otherwise I'm not really a sniper. I'd struggle to find somewhere on my permissions to shoot more than about 300 yds and that to me is a bloody long way away. I'm drawn to the 25-06 for no particular reason. I won't do the variation till the weekend probably so there's plenty of time for the what's heavier a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks argument to roll on 😂

If your attracted to the 25-06 then go for it It’s your money and choice all the calibres the forum have put forward will do the job you want it to do 👍👍

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