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Looks good.  I have an electric mincer come sausage maker and it has produced a lot of good food.  It is a good idea to season the meat before putting it through or marinate , as this then spreads the flavours through the whole thing.. I find it does a better job than adding seasonings to the mince afterwards.  Like yours I don't grind it to fine.  I use the same seasonings etc etc for the meat |I put in game pies ...think pork pie...  About 1/4 to a third underbelly pork or I have even ground a couple of big pork chops which had a wide band of fat down the sides, it just helps keep the whole thing moist.   Looks delicious.   

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I buy packs of burger premix from tong master 1 pack of premix makes 20 lbs of burgers same with the sausage premix as well

usually have a splurge making a guts full  3 or 4 times a year never had a complaint yet

saying that they don't last long enough for that to happen so I'm doing something right lol

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I do the same and we all enjoy when I make 'mini' burgers (  a 1/3  or 1/4 of your size ) by just spiltting your mince and and changing the seasoning/spice you add example: American ( add tomato puree + onion granules ) British ( add English mustard powder + very fine chopped mushrooms ) Asian ( add sesame seeds + chilly flakes ) or whichever floats ya boat mate and serve in those mini rolls from tit supermarket

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