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Does any one use these ? I have a pair of Howard Leight  muffs which I great but I noticed today they were interfering with my gun mounting for some reason. Not noticed it before. Yes am sure a pair of super duper plugs would be great but the the surefire ones are less than twenty quid. So the wife won't be too miffed 



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I use the ones which have the ribbed plugs not the foam ones showed. I've a neck like a giraffe and find muffs interfere with my mount. 

They are alright, had them a year, I need some new ribbed bits as they seem to be a little loose now, but pretty good sound reduction. I let off a good few shells the other day, took them out (half way home as I'd forgot, they are quite comfy) and could still hear the wheel bearing starting to go in the van which is very quiet. 

I think much better than foam squeeze plugs, obviously not as good as muffs or moulded 👍

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A lot depends on your age and how long you continue to shoot. I still have the original Emtecs that I bought  for £65  some 25 years ago. I know that the shape of your ears alters with age, but the Emtecs still fit comfortably and I keep them as spares. I have Cens digitals, but they are an expensive and far from value for money item, I rarely use them now. I too use the Howard Leights and have done for some 4 years. I find them very good, if a bit uncomfortable for prolonged use but certainly value for money. I have a hearing problem and the Leights assist my hearing conversation at shooting grounds. A few of my fellow Instructors use and recommend  the Peltor Sport Tacs and say they are superb. I am unable to comment on that.

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