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.177 jsb hades

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Got a tin this week .

I tried them out of my bsa bullpup at 25 yds .in my garden .

This gun a tack driver with almost every pellet i put in it .

After 10 shots id see enough -    useless 

So today i took the hades down the farm to try in my fac .177 scorpion .

My mate had his too  .

At 35 yds i shot a 5 mm hole 5 shot group with its usual jsb exact . (Control group ) .then loaded the hades in hoping for more of the same .   Massive disapointment  all over the shop .tried a full fill on my gun .the 10 shot groups wandered all over the targets .

My mate tried them in his scorp too. Same thing .rubbish ..

So thats my summing up of the new hades in .177 .dont bother .

My gun loves exact 4.53 .my mates likes the heavy version .

And we can swap  those pellets over and they both shoot well .but not these hades .they dont look very well made in my opinion. By contrast i tried some h+n hunter extreems and they shot a repectable 20 mm group in less than ideal conditions (wind in the barn ) .

So any one want to buy about  450  .177 hades  

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On 28/06/2020 at 21:33, Ultrastu said:

some h+n hunter extreems

Makes me wonder if 177 is just too small to be messed around with,  I bought a tin of heavies and extremes a couple of months ago,  not much between them, in a quick test heavies were slightly better but I do plan on trying the extremes at some point.

The hades are the same weight as Jsb heavies aren't they? And the heavies are accurate,  with different sizes available. 

I did expect you to say to say that at Fac they were much better.

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In  .22 they (Hedes)are great up to 21 ft/lbs , but after that open up a little , but not as accurate as the 18g heavies.

Tried a trail pack , of .177 ,  and found them to be just as accurate as the heavies , which were just ,and only just worse than the excellent 8.4g.

That was in my HW110 , 11.4 FT/LBS.  

For some reason AA Diablo are the guns choice, they just work.

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