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9 hours ago, Lloyd90 said:

They are best buds these days  



Those last two are from some time ago ... we are getting our place boards delivered tomorrow, started a bit of sit and wait training tonight, he tried to move a few times but was getting the hang of it pretty quick, only did 2-3 minutes and lots of playing and fun cuddles thrown in  


They're both crackers.

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Thanks Walshie :) 


Little Arnie is a tight character I do find him very funny. He is very different from Ted although he has had Ted to grow up with and I have been a lot more relaxed. 

He is great running up the woods and loves to run in and out of light cover having the time of his life. 

He is just over 5 months now. I have trained him to sit but have done almost no steadiness or similar with him. We have just started to make him wait until being told to move after sitting, which he seems to find a right bother and he thinks doesn’t apply to him 🤣🤣

He will sit and wait well now for his dinner, and I can send either him or Ted one at a time. 


We have done small bits of retrieving with a place board. He was initially running around me but with the board he had a pretty decent delivery , sitting at my feet with his head up. He will do this in the Garden now, but out in the field can easily lose interest so we don’t do a lot. 


I am still holding off doing much with him. He’s only 5 months and really trying to take my time. With mention of the retrieving, that might only be 5 mins every 2 days or something. 

He is a very jolly puppy but doesn’t seem as quick to pick things up as Ted. He is keener to get into cover though at the moment. Perhaps he is a bit thicker 🤔🤣... many have said Ted is a bit too smart, only wants to go into thick cover when he knows there’s a bird inside. 

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Had the little *** out tonight, used the place board starting against the wall, 4-5 retrieves and he came right back to the board. He was messing about a little bit on one or two before getting on but he is getting better and better and overall was very good :) 


I then moved the board and hid two balls on the grass front and gave him a hunt command... he found the ball and came over and sat on the board, holding it until I told him to give it to me! 


The game is afoot :D will take it easy for the next few months still. 

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