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Frustrating Shooting

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Had a call in the week concerning pigeons on the peas, they had been disturbed by the sprayer on the ajoining field. Now this field has been shot by some friends of the Farmers son previously and out of interest to see the set up I stopped to view the field. They had driven two 4X4 vehicles over the crop to park in the corner which did not impress me. As I left the field I was met with a tirade of abuse from the " Lady" living opposite asking why are you shooting and disturbing her horses,dogs and the baby, I explained that I was not shooting and they were protecting the crop from the pigeons and they were at the far end of the field and had to shoot towards her as the wind was in that direction. I suggested that she ring her uncle inlaw who is the farmer. She stormed off questioning my birthright.

So I set up between the showers in the tram tracks so that I was shooting away from the said " Lady". As I walked up the field I lifted about twenty pigeons. It continude to rain with a heavy drizzle and after two hours I decided to pack up after shooting eight pigeon who did not decoy but flew over the field in range.

On Friday I was invited to shoot some standing wheat by Bunny_Blaster and to get to the" sweet spot" we had to do some walking. We set up with just a rotary and two flappers in the wheat on a junction of the tram lines as there was no laid areas at all the idea was to drop them close in front or in the treeline. The shooting was continous from 12.00 to 18.00 and we spent a good hour and a half walking along the drilled wheat picking up with B_Bs dog also collecting. We ended up with two hundred and thirty pigeons, the walk back to the cars was hard work first with the gear and then twice with the birds on our backs in fifty plus double strapped kit bags. My ejector played up and "Stupid Blasted" decided to strip it down in the hide and lost the spring and plunger, I found the spring and B_B had a magnet in the trucK for cartridge collection and found the plunger. When I returned home my Garmin had recorded 13,000 steps!!!!

Saturday saw me  covering over a hundred miles looking for birds as we had some mates coming from Wales to shoot pigeon on Sunday. B_B had aked me to look at a farm  as the farmer had told him the birds were on the spring barley. I spoke to DB who had also been looking and he said that he had found them and organised the shooting for Sunday.

Sunday, we all met up at 10.00 and went to view the farm. The wheat fields were in a valley and there was a continual line of birds travelling and dropping in on the standing wheat all  over the the five fields. So we agreed to split and find positions that would allow us the try and decoy and drop birds so we could pick them up without damaging the crop. The birds themselves were dropping in the tramlines and it would appear to be causing no damage but the shear volume of birds was unbelievable. I managed to set up on a treeline with a magnet and a flapper in the wheat dropping the birds into the trees and managed fortyfive birds. Overall we picked up one hundred and fiftythree birds. I drove my disco down the lane to the back of my position and the immobiliser decided to pack up so DB drove me to a local garage to buy a battery to get me going again.

Just a Frustrating Shooting Weekend.


8 Pigeons, Hide position in the tramtracks


230 Pigeons


153 Pigeons

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you have certainly been busy pc, never mind the battery sounds like you could do with a recharge, there is nothing wrong with your birthright so don't you fret, she should bow to you with a result like that , well done my sun, with that amount of leg worth BIGFOOT sounds better.

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get your frustration pc have several farms with lot of pigeons and nowhere to drop them rapes waiting to be cut and now rain I can’t win at the moment 

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