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I would suggest a trickle charger. I knackered 2 leisure batteries used for clay traps by using a car charger, they only lasted 2 months. The replacements are still going strong after buying a charger intended for leisure batteries.

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I dug this out for somebody a couple of years ago, but kept it in my notes n case it was needed again


SLA Battery charging 


        Do NOT use a car battery charger to charge sealed lead-acid batteries. SLA batteries require very precise three-stage charging in various constant current and constant voltage modes. Car battery chargers generally output very unregulated and imprecise voltages and will significantly shorten the life of a SLA battery. (Of course, if the car charger is a switched-mode unit designed to charge SLA batteries, you'll be fine). You might be OK to do it once, but certainly don't do it regularly.


        If you have a current limited lab power supply, you can charge the battery from that. With the power supply disconnected from the battery, set the PSU to 14.6V and 2A. Apply to battery. When the current has fallen to 100mA, set the power supply to 13.8V. When the current has further fallen to about 20mA, set the PSU to 13.2V and leave connected for as long as you like. There are normally specific values for voltages and currents in the datasheet for the battery, but these generic values often work well.



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I've got a silver line 12v 500ah trickle charger which was a tenner or so. 


Is this suitable for a 12v 12a battery? If so how long would it take to charge please? Doesn't have an led indicator or anything so I wouldn't want to over charge it. Many thanks 

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