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On 21/07/2020 at 21:33, button said:

Keep thinking about getting the above, fancy going back to basics, springer, open sights, relying on field craft, would this meet the needs or is there others to consider?


Had the very same thought.

I have owned BSA  / Webley and HW made 70's / 80's and foolishly sold them.

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I've a 1966 HW35 I renovated and have on open sights. It's a nice mid-weight springer capable of legal limit power levels. It depends on what you want really, the HW99 is a nice lightweight and the HW77 is quite a beast to lug around by comparison. I'd not bother with the HW30 as it's best efforts will only give you about 8ft/lbs (can you stalk to sub 20yds on a rabbit?). You won't go wrong with any of the above. I just wish I had the eyesight I had in my younger days as the best I do now is 6 yds bell target.

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Brought a HW35E a few months back 1970 MODEL IN .22 in good condition paid £200. After lock down a P/W member as offered to look at it for me as i do not want to ruin it. Cant wait to use it then pass it down to a grand child when they are ready. Two are showing a great interest in shooting so have to decide who will care for a old but great gun. 

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