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Back to back in the wolds


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Well thanks to COVID I have a furloughed week  off of work so thought I might as well spend it at the caravan  which puts me  within a short drive of Jdog in the Lincolnshire wolds ... as I was driving here on Friday ( I had to come the back due to the motorway being shut ) I noticed some stubble field on one of Jdog’s perms so I pulled over for ten mins to watch a good flightline on to a rape stubble so rang Jdog to let him know he went to watch it Saturday and found a better field and line on barley stubble so it was  arranged to shoot Sunday as there  was heavy rain and storms forecast for Saturday... I met up with jdog at one on Sunday  we went to the said barely field and there was hundreds of bird about pigeons and  crows but the corner where we  would set up had a lovely flight line  we set up Strong wind to our backs  We had  a magnet  A flapper about 50 decoys out  the birds started to come in but not as expected  jdog duly took these out  and I was not up to speed with them  we decided on a shuffle of the arrangement  and this may draw them a little more as we want them nope they would do there own thing and not conform I hit my first long one  and then we decided another shuffle was needed  and a few more taken whilst all this was going on Jdog noticed a lot of movement on a rape stubble so I packed up and set of to set up on it as I got there I lifted about An hundred birdS and only one came back as I was down wind from Jdog I could hear what sound  like a machine gun going off there was that many shots so I packed up and went back he had shot 24 in 40 mins of me not being there I set up again😓 and we had a few good shots again  And  some bad misses on my part  we packed up with 30 of picked and a good days banter.... As I am over here for a week Jdog  told me he was going to sort it for me to shoot one of his permissions on my own(he is a good bloke) we had previously shot these fields so I knew the lay out  So Monday I got there and watch the field for an hour to see what was going off  there was not much about compared to previous outings (standing wheat fields)  I say a little interest in a ditty so decided I would set up under that as the is some bare patches in front of it I put a magnet and a flapper out and would see how it went I had not even finished setting up when noticed the first pigeon flying in my direction I got the gun from the car and loaded it  an shot  the pigeon from behind the car  for the first hour they decoyed  beautifully  But then the interest in the Pattern slowed as they seemed to be going to a field  not far away that is probably a little behind the wheat I was on  anyway as the weather was taking a turn for the worse I packed up with 15 down 9 picked  and another good few days thanks to Jdog who am also meeting tomorrow to reccy some fields to hopefully shoot Wednesday......sorry if it is a bit long winded but am glad to be back

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1 hour ago, JDog said:

And it is good to have you back contributing to the forum.


41 minutes ago, ditchman said:

and i sincerly hope we have no more of your foul mouthed humour ever again..........and careful what you say when on the shotcam....



21 minutes ago, 7daysinaweek said:

Great stuff!

Looking forward to some camshot footage.

Vid from today


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