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Single hide net is too see through?

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I went out today and set the hide up- think from memory it's an A1 decoys net.

On walking out to sort out the pattern I was amazed at how much I could see though the net from the outside- seat and kit bags were clearly visible.

Is this normal or do most people double up on nets? I guess you want to be able to see the birds approach but likewise you dont want them to see you ha!

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If the hide is in shade then doesn’t matter too much, you can’t see through as easily. I do use two nets and foliage but that’s because I like it to look pretty not just be effective. Base net is a stealth net. Over that goes an army style net. Then some local foliage. 

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5 minutes ago, snow white said:

I don’t wear camo myself can’t stand it

My wife doesn’t let me wear camouflage clothing apart from one item that was a gift from a friend and another that I’ve owned for longer than we have been together (18 years). 

1 minute ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Keep still until you intend to shoot!

This is key 

I have a hessian sheet that can use behind me for cover, on the floor if very nettley for the dogs or to cover shot birds on hot days. Very cheap from Amazon. The dirtier it gets the better it looks. 

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40 minutes ago, snow white said:

I use two nets myself and I like to make sure I have something the back of me just to break outline up I don’t wear camo myself can’t stand it

What he says...get something at the back of you...like Diana Spencer's skirt in the now infamous photograph it "see through" because there's nothing behind to stop that "through" part of "see through".

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In my opinion just using the clear view nets as they are without any material added are next to useless , if you are there for any amount of time you need to relax and not worry about weather the pigeons can see you or anything else behind your net that will put them off . the modern day nets are either 2 or 3 ply and are very light , I use two at a time , one is dark and the other one is slightly lighter, I believe they are five meters long by one and a half meters wide , these will match most surroundings and by dropping the front one down a few inches you can easily see through the top without the worry of being seen yourself , mine came from A1 decoys when I went to one of the game fairs a few years ago and apart from the odd rip here and there they are still going strong , at the time they were around £18 each , money well worth spent . 

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