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Releasing 5 week old ducks

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Hi all, just a bit of advice wanted as putting duck sown for the first time this year on three ponds, 250 total.

My few questions are:

Can I just release them, or do I need a pen?

shall I provide an artificial island on the ponds that don’t have one?

Whats the best method/type of feeding for ease of management and willingness to fly?



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10 hours ago, FOXHUNTER1 said:

Reared duck are not very sporting thats if you can actually get them to fly. Then they often just circle ..much better flighting wild duck 👍

Agree with this, been on shoots with reared duck that just walk past you rather than get up and fly, the ones that do look like they are strung to the centre of the pond and just go in circles.

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