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Magnet battery charging help

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Evening all

I have a rotary pigeon magnet and a 12V 7AH battery- I decided to upgrade the battery as it's a few years old now and have just picked up a Yuasa 12V 12AH battery from Toolstation.

I have a cheapy blackspur12v 500ma trickle charger which doesn't have any charging indicator lights etc. How would I know long to charge my new battery for? Can I leave it connected?

I also have a motopower 12V 800MA smart trickle charger which according to the box says it's suitable for my spec battery. The trouble is when I connect it it just shows solid green which suggests fully charged. It did this even with my old 7AH battery which I think is pretty knackered! Maybe the charger is faulty?

Any help much appreciated!

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