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Just now, Lewi76 said:

Has anyone used grisport boots ? I’m looking for a new pair , my old jack Pyke boots have finally given up 

Only their "Dealer boots", after 5 years still waterproof in general use (as instructions treated with Nikwax) 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks yellow bear I’m not sure what to do yet as I’ve had a couple of pairs of jack pyke boots and always treated them and looked after them and lasted me about 18 months before they split and leak

2 minutes ago, Cannon said:

Had a pair of Grisport boots for 2 years now. Would definitely buy another pair.

Which ones have you got cannon ?


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I bought a pair of Grisport Game keeper boots about four weeks ago, very comfortable, all good so far,  will need to see how they stand up to a couple of winters,  their is a good review on YouTube by Original Outdoors.

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When I was in Kirkby Lonsdale one day last year I talked to the fellah in whose shop I found a sh pair of Matterhorns, and he told me the local ‘keepers we’re buying Haix at two pairs a time; one for wearing while the other pair dried. 

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Have a pair of Grisport heavy walking shoes and a pair of Grisport Crieff dealer boots.

Top class at a good price and a very comfortable fit. Well recommended.

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4 hours ago, Wymondley said:

Reviving this to ask those that bought the Game keeper boots, how are they wearing and what's the fit like?

Considering getting a pair myself.

I've had a pair for 6 weeks or so, and had about 200 hours in them on mixed terrain and weather. They still look and feel brand new.

They are waterproof to the top of the tongue, and feel a little on the warm side. They are too warm for my liking, for this time of year. 

I find the fit fairly generous and a little wide if anything. Saying that, I'm wearing pretty thin socks with them being a warm boot. Maybe thicker socks will make them snug up a little.

I'm finding my feet are feeling fatigued after a few hours of wearing them. The insoles are cheap and already are causing discomfort, so will be replaced when I get round to ordering some more.

The soles are not the best either. Although they have plenty of grip they do tend to slip easily on wet stone. The rubber is full of imperfections and moulding lines and the badges have already fallen off.

The uppers seem decent enough and well put together They give plenty of support and feel comfortable around the ankle.

I can feel where compromises have been made to fit into the price point. 

If you are on a tight budget, they are worth a look. If you can afford a little more I would consider others.


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Thank you, that's an excellent review.

I'm not hard on boots so I struggle to justify spending upwards of £200 and these looked good at £135.

I notice they do another boot, the "Decoy" that looks similar and is only £105.

I've only seen one or two bad reviews of Grisport boots and lots of good ones.

Still undecided, if any one else has any experience of these please add.

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