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9 hours ago, Jim Neal said:

The trick is to grab them by the base of tail before they know what's happening ;)

Not too close to the base, obviously.  And you need a poo bag or dock leaf already prepared in the other hand before you attack with said grabbing manoeuvre, otherwise you're snookered with only one hand free if you haven't prepared your protection.  The method is to lift the dog slightly so its hind legs are off the ground (the indignity of the whole situation tends to stop them struggling).  Grasp the blade of grass securely but gently - then very gently and slowly pull - but do not be in a hurry otherwise it will snap.  The success of an "all in one" removal depends partly upon which way the blade of grass is pointing - blades of grass have a texture which is smooth one way and rough the other.  Wrong way round and it gets "sphincter grip" which basically means you're trying again in 5 minutes.

I challenge anyone being forced to do this not to pause for a moment and imagine how it physically feels to have blade of grass pulled from your ringpiece by your nominated carer.  Especially "against the grain".  Closest I can get is a tricky encounter with dental floss.

I have to perform this operation quite regularly on my dog springer.  Bitch eats loads of grass all the time and doesn't suffer from it at all - at either end - whereas the dog will yak up within 5 minutes of it hitting his belly.  But if any gets through it's like the old magician's trick with his scarf.....

sounds like you do it for a living chief,  poo puller for northampton and sourouding areas

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Sorry if that was a bit too graphic for you Ditchy

Dave, out of interest what would you be willing to pay as a decent going rate for a poo puller?

Ken, please explain the mars bar thing??

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