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Good afternoon all I am looking for information to identify a brass cartridge case I have, I belive it to be an 8 bore but was wondering if it was an industrial round rather than a sporting.

Sorry about the quality of the head stamp picture I could not get it focus correctly. It reads U.M.C. Co. BRIDGEPORT. CONN. Above and NO. 8   A  below

I have checked my old Janes books and does not appear to be military although it appears to be berdan primed useful info would be appriciated.

Thanks in advance





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UMC is what then became part of Remington as at one time it was "Remington-Union Metallic Cartridge Co". As for 8A it might be 8 Bore or, like the old DWM cartridges it might be a catalogue number. I'm guessing that it is 8 Bore perhaps on the chamberless principle like the Heath system in the UK? And then in, I think, the even before the 1920s anything over 10 Bore in the USA became illegal for use on migratory waterfowl. 

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