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ELU flip over saw

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First off I must say,,,, THIS IS NOT A SALES THREAD !!!


Here's a question for the technical guys on here,,,,

I've got an ELU flip over saw that needs some tlc, but is not needed by myself any longer, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to sort the problems.

I've had it for about 18 years, but only used it on large jobs because of its size/weight/cutting abilities. So although it's been used, it's not abused or over-worked. The issue is it needs a 'service', but because of its age, spare parts are no longer available [apparently]. It still works but isn't safe to use in certain functions without some tweaking, fettling etc. I did try to sell it years ago, when it was functioning perfectly, but the only interest was from the police, checking if it was stolen, which it obviously and most definitely wasn't/isn't !

What I'd like to do is pass it on to someone who is able to fix its 'issues' [which TBH are minor] and then use it, instead of it sitting in my shed gathering dust.

Here's a couple of pictures showing what it is, but if someone is interested in taking it off my hands, more details/info/pictures will be forthcoming.

Many thanks for reading and any advice offered will be most welcome 🙂




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9 minutes ago, Donkey said:

Great tools I have the elu Mitre chop saw Still going strong

Yes I agree,,,, this one I'd describe as a workhorse ! It's main use, about 5 years ago, was on a detached house complete roof extension, so LOTS of cutting and trimming and running timber through the bench side. It only started to show faults on the next very small task 😒

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Sorry chaps, perhaps I didn't make it quite clear in my opening post. I will be passing this on to someone who can fix it and use it, but for an agreeable figure, hence my mentioning "THIS IS NOT A SALES THREAD".

In the first instance I'm asking for advice/guidance from anyone with the knowledge and expertise of such a saw, before it gets put up for sale, either on here or elsewhere.

And a further point to note is, I'm not a greedy money grabber 😉

Hope that's cleared up any confusion 👍


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10 hours ago, Diver One said:

What faults is it showing?

Hi Diver One, I'm going to update with more info and pictures at the weekend, which will hopefully show all the issues.

Thanks for the help and interest so far 😉

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From what I understand the de Walt  spares are compatible with the elu machines I have both de Walt and elu chop saws and a dewalt flip over saw and used the elu flip over for many years shopfitting 

when dewalt took over elu they just changed the livery on the machines

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OK, here are some more pictures of it set up. There are some add-ons that I've never used. Having a good look at it, I think it needs completely taking apart, cleaned and put back together.

A few things are broken/need sorting,,,, the tilt locking lever has become detached, and the angle release catch is stuck, but probably only needs cleaning. The blade's angle also isn't a true 90°, but a service will probably sort that. The blade guard is awkward to release, but does work properly,,,, again, a clean would sort this I'm sure. Finally the power supply flex is damaged and will need replacing,,,, easy job.

I did eventually do a Google search for spare parts and most are available. I'm just not the person to do these sort of things,,,, give me a big construction renovation/conversion and I'm the man for that 🙂


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