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Shot something different (again!)...

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I think they often have cheap kangaroo meat in Australia near you House plant. Very lean protein that’s real cheap. 

I remember the lads over there into bodybuilding would be eating it all the time cos it was basically all protein and cheaper than most stuff. 

Let us know how you cook it and how it comes out. 

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It's cool isn't it 🙂

Never thought I'd buy a single shot break action, but there you go! Rifle length is 80cm, barrel is 16.5 inch. The suppressor is an over-barrel version designed for rifles like this, it adds an additional 9.5cm to the length, so overall length is just under 90cm. Heavy little beast though!

Subsonic 300BLK gives more or less identical performance to .308 subsonic and the recoil is undetectable. My slight disappointment is that it's noisier than expected. No sonic boom obviously, but the muzzle blast is pretty loud, even with the suppressor. I've been told that it can be made significantly quieter with the additional two more baffles on the suppressor, but still weighing up that option as I want to keep the rifle as short as possible. 

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1 hour ago, mel b3 said:

i love the look of that stubby rifle :good:

Yes same here.  Is that a T/C Encore. It is a model I don't recognise, mind my Encores are getting on a bit now. Love 'em

All my barrels are 16 1/2 other than the 300H&H

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Almost a direct copy of the Encore on the outside anyway. Bergara make some tidy rifles.  Can you buy a range of barrels for it ?

That is the 375JDJ barrel by the way. Direct opposite of the Blackout. It kicks worse than a mule.


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