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Hi lads we have a lpg gas fire and I have a gas fitter coming to serve it I was have read some where that if you disturb the seal on the balanced flue you have to replace the piece with the seal in it is this 

Would fire cement be ok to use as a seal or replace the flue would like to know so I can order new seal in time for fitter save him coming back at his price.

                All advice welcome 

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Best to let the gas fitter identify the issue, if any good will have with him the materials required to resolve the problem, ie, flue sealant, cement, flue sticky back seal, just let him be aware of your concerns, without lecturing balanced flues which are faulty can end in tears.

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Thanks for your reply’s just trying to save time if I have to order parts would like them here before he starts the job at his price per hour it’s eye watering I could get a day shooting grouse for what they charge well nearly probably one shot

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