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I have just been out with the dog and gun for an hour as I wanted to try some 24g cartridges through the semi. They did cycle ok but not as good as the 32g I normally use. It was also the first time little Stan has seen the gun since January and its now been over six weeks from his second fit. One pigeon shot but was a runner I sent little Stan for it but it flew on but he stopped perfectly when told. The pigeon was shot again and this time he retrieved it to me. So I will stick with the 32g with the semi and was pleased with the little dog considering how he been.

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Yes, semis can be fussy sometimes although I have a 16 gauge Remmy 1100 dated manufacture 1960s and it cycles anything anytime.   I have some spray I use once a year and it seems to work I don't know , but never had a problem with it.  Mind I have owned a number of Rem 1100s and never had a cycling problem.

Fastex  auto action lube.  I thought I purchased it in the States but it says £3..95 on the can .  May have purchased it at a Bisley Show but a while ago now.


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My Hatsan takes most things in its stride, except gamebore superfast which sometime miss feed on inspection the cartridges appear to have been crimped a little too hard which causes a small bulbous end if that makes sense. Not all the cartridges are affected this way so on wet days i just sort out the affected ones and rebox them, and label them up for use in the beretta which is fine with them. The beretta A303 hates eyly jets so never use them in it. I guess it's horses for causes sort of thing.

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