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8 year old lab just had fractured elbow surgery

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I would say that every time you raise your voice to him in the future he will limp. Been there done that.  Joking apart..well not really... the dog will tell you when he doesn't want to limp and five weeks in my view isn't very long. He/she  has had invasive surgery and will favour that elbow for a fair while....... particularly if you raise your voice. My old choocy lab would do it to order. I used say watch this, raised my voice to him and he would imediatly limp towards me.  Cuddled him afterwards mind.   Hope the dog is better soon, give it a cuddle from me.

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Hope your giving it lots of rest and recovery? 

Can be hard work some of these dogs as they are so keen to get up and going again but often best left confined to recover over time. 

Id want to leave him for a long time just in kennel / bed and then out on slow lead walks to begin with. 

I imagine that elbow is going to give him some pain in cold weather as well. 

Might be worth considering hydrotherapy or seeing a greyhound / racing dog bone man, depends what you want to spend really. 

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26 minutes ago, jcbbracken said:

thanks for your advice its worse than being on lockdown only take him out for walk 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time

Bet it’s tough mate but hopefully that rest will make all the difference 👍🏻

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Ask around and see if there is a horse swimming pool near to you.  My cousin put one in near here for his National Hunt horses but also for locals to use and it became very popular. A chap turned up with two greyhounds and asked if he could swim them so they did. The week following those dogs won races and from then on the pond saw more dogs than horses including a huge St Bernard which had an operation on the neck and initially could not walk. They carried it in the pool and the owner swam it at least once a week, eventually it walked down the farm drive and was filmed by the local TV news crew.   Swimming under such controlled conditions is excellent therapy.  Unfortunately we are too far away from you.

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