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I have just read on Brigg facebook  from Humberside police  

Friday August 14 a forced entry into property  six shotguns   and jewellery  stolen

Im not on FB to forward the whole message

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Edit, just got in the house having posted the ‘Scrawby brook’ comment and my wife was telling me about a friend of hers relations, who had been burgled- one and the same, it wasn’t just the gun and jewellery.

Hope for some good leads on this one. 

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4 hours ago, bwana said:

Also  the Mill Lane crowd in Brigg or those from further afield in S.Yorks,all no go areas for plod. 

‘Those far afield in S. Yorks’, please explain?

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I’m from South Yorkshire and can understand the sentiments. Our ‘mobile’ friends seem to be speeding far and wide. The infamous’Collins’ family being in the news at the moment

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