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We had a call at 08.00 Saturday morning, problems with corvids on the seed. now DB had some work to complete at home so I made my way to the field concerned and met up with the farmer. Its only a small couple of fields but he had cut the barley and left a fair amount on the field and the corvids,pigeons and geese had found it the concern was that the ajoinong half of the field was now going to be seeded and he was concerned that they would move onto that. After chatting to the farmer and watching the lines into the stubble and also the wind conditions I decided to set up between the fields in the centre. I was all set up by 10.00 with six fresh pigeon two on flappers and one on a flyer and the others on spikes.

The first pair of birds came from behind banked in front of me and set for the decoys , perfect. The farmer continued to work behind me but the birds were happy set for the decoys, I was using Express 28gram steel and managed some impressive shooting at distance with the second birds.

After a couple of hours it started to slow up as the farmer completed his rolling and departed, this in effect slowed up the shooting also. I then received a call from DB saying that another farmer had called and could I meet him at the farm. When I arrived I could see lots of birds flighting but was surprised that they were feeding on Oats, now this is a crop that we normally never shoot birds on. We set up with twelve fresh birds on the edge of the crop and the birds just kept coming. It slowed up about 16.00 annd we packed up at 17.00 and picked up one hundred and twentysix pigeons.

Normally I'm not here for the stubble shooting and have a concern with cooling and freezing mega bags of pigeons, so a couple of bags protecting crops are welcome.


My set up on the field

75 Pigeons 20 corvids

126 Pigeons


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5 hours ago, Old Boggy said:

Good report and bag as usual PC.

Interesting to note that you didn't use or need a rotary.


I did not use the rotary as I was after corvids as well and I have found that the rotary with pigeons on it spooks the corvids in my opinion.

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