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On 04/09/2020 at 19:52, wymberley said:

Don't know if this will help or hinder. A to D in order of merit.

                                          Velocity   Energy   Bullet Path    Wind Effect

Accutip       100yds            A 1491       C              A+ 0.48          A   4.24

                    150 yds              1289                       A   3.68                10.11

CCI 40g                             D               B               D                      B

Hornady                            B               D               B                      D

RWS         100 yds            C               A 178        C                      C

                150 yds                                 130            

CCI 35g   100 yds           A+ 1561   A+ 189        A   0.65           A+ 4.07

                  150 yds                1342       140        A+ 2.95                 9.77                      

OK. this table is as reviously described, but with additional info'. I have added the numerical figures to the previous alpha codes. It will be seen that two brands from the original 4 are needed to cover all four ballistic aspects to the maximum effect. However, the 35g CCI does it all in one.

So why post? I've had a chat to GMK and if the WMR shooters wish to take advantage of this cartridge, I am told that the best way to get our sticky little fingers on them is to ask our RFD for some and when they respond that they haven't got any, ask them to contact GMK. I am told that GMK are not averse to bringing them in, but would need to see a demand for them from their dealers.

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