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Pard 007 - 12mm


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This was bought from The Optics Warehouse and I have the receipt from last year. It has had very very little use and comes with a carrying case that's in the photos that worth a bit itself. Three ring mounts all original and 7 batteries plus the Allen key, original box and bag the only thing not included is a battery charger which are under a £10 on fleabay


£450 delivered using recorded post


Any questions just PM 





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13 hours ago, cooky said:

they are back in the shops in the next month or so and then you will be offered £250 better to take an offer 

Ah sorry I thought that when they came back in stock they would be £550 due to the shortages worldwide especially of the decent 12mm ones that you can't get. Don't get bitter that I didn't accept your offer. It was a decent offer as were some of the other ones I received but it wasn't what I was asking for sorry.

12 hours ago, cooky said:

not that im making one now 


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