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A hare and a few pigeons.

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Pigeon shooters at this time of year can be disappointed when they turn up at a likely field only to find it cultivated or ploughed. Today Jacko and I were in luck and one of the very few wheat stubbles in the area was intact.

There were two fields with pigeons on. One could not possibly have been shot as the wind was a strong 40 mph and would have been in our faces in the only position for a hide. This field had a very active line into it but we had to turn our attentions elsewhere. The other field was a very poor second choice but there were two hide positions offering shelter from the wind and the sun. I knew from the outset that we would get only a very small percentage of the pigeons going up the line into our decoys and so it proved.

In three hours we managed to inveigle a few off the line into shooting range and we did well to pick 43 pigeons whilst watching hundreds go up to the other field.


Pictures Laceby 1.jpg

Pictures Laceby 2.jpg

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Lovely pic of the hare. I think the brown hare is protected over in NI now. Very rare in any case where i live. I remember my dog flushing one once and she looked awestruck watching it run a loop round her and head for the horizon.

Good shooting in that wind!

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43 nothing to be sniffed at jd at least you had some sport ,they seem to get every thing under the plough no soon it has been lifted just 3 on a grass field today mind you there wasn't much in the air today, at least it was dry and sunny for me still I will just keep looking well done.

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The bag is only this Good due to some of the best shooting I have ever witnessed some of the birds  my shooting buddy hit where stratospheric and travelling on the wind At a great rate of knots if you hit one of these birds you would be overly happy but when your mate hits  quite a few  you know you are in the presence of  a great pigeon shooter ... me on the other hand did not shoot good could not get my rhythm or range  

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3 hours ago, pigeon controller said:

Good report of a frustrating day , when you know you should be elsewhere. The wind today produced some epic shots. Well done you two, Jacko you just need to "Watch and Learn" 

I know but that Shooting is a lot of experience and that I ain’t got  but I  hold my own some days

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