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I had a call to some standing wheat that the pigeons and the corvids had started to show and interest in. I could not shoot it until today and arrived at 10.00 to view the field. It had no birds at all feeding but they were flighting along the one edge and the corvids had started to feed under a tree about thirty yards from the edge of the field. The next field being grass, I walked the tram lines up to the tree and the ground erupted with about fifty corvids all feeding under the tree. So I walked back to the disco and drove up the grass field, I then realised that I only had steel shells with me so I drove home to get some lead for the corvids. By the time I returned and built the hide it was 12.00. I put my six pigeon decoys out in the field under the tree. Two on flappers, two on flying frames and two on spikes. I had a plastic crow decoy which I put out on the grass.

The first two pigeons came along the hedge and straight to the tree in the field and paid the price, as further birds came I collected them and put them out as decoys on the grass along with the corvids.

I was under a large oak tree in a line of trees so the shooting was like roost shooting but with the leaves. Now some birds came to the decoys on the grass with the wind and were mega shots, some of the corvids came against the wind  and took forever to get within range.

It was frustrating shooting as you would see the pigeons coming down the hedgeline trees but they would not appear over the last tree choosing to sit tight but when I had a shot out in the wheat the second shot was the birds coming out of the last tree.

I contacted the farmer and he was happy and I stopped shooting at 18.00 and picked up fiftysix pigeons and twentysix corvids. I felt better protecting a standing crop although I would have shot more on a stubble field




56 pigeons and 26 corvids

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Good result. 

I was out yesterday in the storm for an hour. My hide didn’t survive and the birds were rockets. Wind was 50mph+, got a few but packed up as it was getting silly. As soon as a bird flared it was well out of range. Impressed you hit so many. 

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Excellent result , I now find if the field is shot from late morning it dry up from mid afternoon and is all over well before five o clock , the wind here was strong but not a patch on how rough it was Friday , the wind was blowing the top soil off and creating a dust storm , cars had the head lights on and the houses near mine were covered with a fine dust , certainly to rough for pigeon shooting but yesterday was just right , warm sunshine and wind speed around 20 mph.

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