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While reading the entertaining post about the English Pointer this chap Guy Wallace was mentioned a couple of times, a quick Google and the film The End of the game came up, its well worth a look and he is quite a character. 

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Guy got a few negative comments for that, with his inappropriate comments especially around that bloke changing the tyre.


However Guy’s genuine embarrassment when he realises he was there was telling. 

Guy is a relic of an older time. His pictures of him in war zones are amazing, although he was quite vague about his role. 

He is the picturesque English hunting man.  Happy as a pig in the proverbial in his (fairly dirty) caravan and I still laugh about the state of his cooking setup.

He claims the filth is what makes him immune to getting unwell. “I think I had a hangover about 6 years ago“ being his only illness he can remember 🤣😂

His drunken talk about how he would rather go out on the buffalo hunt, than die of old age in a nursing home was particularly sobering and a sad sight to see a once obviously great man, and patriot, heading down that road. 

I have his two books here now, The Specialist Gundog, and The Versatile Gundog. 

Having watched guy in action makes them all the more special, as you read them in his voice 🤣🤣

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Met the guy but just one time. A member of my shoot invited him for a day ...oh???? 15yrs NO!  make that 25 .....ago and he turned up with a car full of 'hounds'.  An absolute gentleman if my memory serves me and we all had a good day according to the diary.

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