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Victory Minimag 3's are nice soft-shooting cartridge. I couldn't get them last year so ended up with Cheddite Elite 42g 70mm in 3's which worked fine and not too rough on shoulder.

I've got RC50's for using when the geese are wary of the deeks, but you certainly know all about it if you're using them! 

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Mini mags are good in 3s but if you want to fire last when there’s a get of you RC or cheddite 3” 2s are the boys . 1/4 or 1/2 choke is enough remember if you draw them right into the decoys the will be 30 yards when you open up but they move quick . 

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Any decent lead cartridge like a Victory mini magnum, RC or gamebore in 36 to 40 gram of three or four shot.

Depends how close you shoot them as to what's most suitable but I'd err on being on the heavy side in weight and shot size. Can't get anymore dead.

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