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Today was the last free Saturday I have as picking up starts next week. After ridiculous levels of rain The Nith had cleared and was running at a good flow so I had to get out with the spinning rod. Got down on the river waders on and realised I had left my vest on the back of the door! Can’t do without as it has my permit in it so back home and half an hour wasted.

Jacket collected back at the river and casting into the first pool. Six casts with a Medium gold Toby, crack ..... rod snaps above mid Section. No spare in the car so do I call it a day or head home where I have a cheap telescopic spinning rod I use when rock fishing and return. What the hell, last chance so home and back again. Start fishing the pool again and actually the rod casts quite well.

No luck so move down below the pool and third cast thump and a fresh salmon leaps out mid river. Five minute scrap before I can get it out of the fast water and eventually into the net. My first ever salmon about 7lb, fresh run silver and no lice, absolutely superb! Gave it a few minutes to recover and off it goes hopefully to spawning grounds up river  Ten minutes for my heart rate to settle again when I move ten yards down the pool.

Gave it a few more casts and wallop another salmon hits the Toby and heads down stream. Several minutes to get the fish into the slack water under the bank where I am waist deep and it is shaken off.

I have waited four years for this and was it worth the earlier problems. Just what I came to Scotland for!C402CACB-039D-49A3-B514-675973B175CE.jpeg.3d4e81f7f33a371f013816c39db688fe.jpeg


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