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this year has been a write off for 7 months, birds disappeared from the rape early on, couldn't shoot the drillings due to lockdown then no laid crops come the summer, had to wait for stubble, it didn;t really get any better if we found birds on stubble they gave you a few hrs shooting then just dry up on and stop coming chipped away at them and come away with  mainly 20 something bags  not complaining but that isn't the norm, today wasn't looking good until i stopped off at a piece of land near the motorway on the way home found a good flightline immediatlely , it was  heading over a small stubble to a field of standing barley directly behind it  off our boundary so just got set up for 2pm  on the hedge line with our backs to the standing crop  with the whirly and decoys birds came in straight away a lot of flighting shots at birds not decoying but that mixed it up a bit  lost a fair few that dropped in the standing crop behind us and birds we knocked feathers out of  that flew to various trees and copses we counted at the end 82 down but picked 66 and 1 crow very happy with that result and great shooting on the wind today  added a few pics of the smaller bags from this month 



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Nice one , a good day normally come to those that wait , I don't think we have got a standing grain crop left in the area , if we had it is certainly not on my patch , by the way , I see you have been watching the Norfolk boys in the art of laying the bag neatly out :lol:

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