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Tesco delivery driver jobs-any good?

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Hi all,

Well after retiring last year, I'm considering going back to work all be it part time-my local Tesco superstore is recruiting home delivery drivers and the hours suit me.

Anybody here got any experience of the role-I've read a few 'Indeed' reviews trashing Tesco and negatives including 4 minutes to locate delivery address then 5 minutes for unload and move on.



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The guy that used to deliver to us on a Sunday night reckoned he loved it. He said it was easy. Got to meet people and he could earn as much as he liked by taking extra hours...

Mind you he would have had a VERY rural route I imagine.

I'm not sure I'd want to be doing it in a town or city. 

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People who knock working at Tesco have, most likely, never done it. Two of my daughters worked there, part time, and the benefits can be quite rewarding - unless it has changed they can buy anything as it goes out of date for a penny - our freezer was brimming with Beef and Lamb joints. 

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I did it for a short while, during the birth of my daughter/ career change - the hours were brilliant. 

it genuinely wasn’t a bad job at all, some days was a bit of a rush but nothing crazy, normally me just getting lost. some days I would have a 2hour gap between deliveries and have 20 min drives between each delivery.( might not be the same now with COVID) 

Rural routes are by far the best. Town centre flats can be awful but not if there is a lift. 

Like every job you can have the worst days and meet every knob going, others days it’s the best job and meet interesting nice people. 

You will get a LOT of stories from it... towels falling down at the door, houses where you wipe your feet on the way out,  people Drunk at 9am on a Wednesday..ect 

Money wasn’t great but that wasn’t the reason I did it. 



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cheers for all your comments-I only want a few days a week to top off the pension-I've got one other iron in the fire so Tesco is my back up plan if that doesn't come off.

thanks again.


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I’ve pondered the job myself at some point if things go quiet again, but for Sainsbury’s, ( we don’t have a Tesco ) and they’re often taking on staff for all manner of work.

Very rural around here, and all the drivers I’ve spoken to say it’s not a bad job at all if you can get the hours you want. 
Stacking shelves isn’t beneath me either; first job I ever had after a paper round, and daughter has just finished her masters and is toying with the idea of stacking shelves and ‘shopping’ from 0400 to noon. 

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My wife worked part time for Tesco for many years before she retired , during that time she got shares and she just let them build up for some funds for when she retired , she ended up with a stack of share certificates , on them the shares were ranging from a few to into three figures , these ended up worth a good deal of money , on top of her retirement she go 10% discount for life .

I worked on a large estate looking after all the building work and the workforce for nearly 30 years and her pension is far better than mine and she was only part time , I would say a good firm to work for . 

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