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Hi folks 

I haven’t been out for a while-and  I was very excited when yesterday I spotted a strong flight line across a particularly favourite field that has produced some great days in the past.

I couldn’t get out before 12 noon however I was set up by 12:30 - with a dozen flock coated shells, and the hope of getting a couple if pigeons straight away for the magnet.

The field has a line of beaches on it’s westerly edge- perfect as there was a good westerly wind blowing.
First pair came straight in and were shot, followed by another pair which were also shot- great start and two for the magnet. 
I soon realised that they were just passing over the field and heading somewhere else, however the magnet was pulling them in and the good start continued.

They were coming across the field low like driven partridge - as the wind was now blowing the leaves off the beaches and across the field. The good start ended as I began to miss especially with the second barrel as a flick of the wings and the wind carried them off after the first shot.

There seems to be pigeons in the air all of the time, some passing by some decoying in - and my shooting was a mixture of 40 yard crackers to “ how did I miss that “ .

By 4 pm there was that end of the day feel in the air - and with a handful of further shots I called it a day at 4.30. Best thing about stubble is that you can usually  get the vehicle to the hide, which was handy  as I pick 79 pigeons- which is my best bag since lockdown.






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Nice one and a very good bag in the time you were shooting , I have found lately that every day you seem to pack up earlier than the last one , I wasn't shooting today , just looking for tomorrow and the pigeons I put off the stubble just after dinner only came back in dribs and drabs and by four o clock the whole area seemed deserted , if you are only going for a few hours you need to go mid morning and pack up mid to late afternoon , well around this way , might vary north and south of the country , Summer is getting well behind us now.

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Marsh man- I agree about your advice on timing, ideally I would have been out a couple of hours earlier.  There is an autumnal feeling here in North Northumberland tonight although the sun was warm when I was shooting.

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