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One for Balotelli.

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Pigeons seem scarce in these parts. It's not that I am restricted to one or two farms to search the blighters out but they have made themselves invisible of late. Jacko was fully appraised of this situation before he arrived to collect me this morning and he was quite happy just to drive round looking. Just as well as we certainly covered several thousand acres and quite a few miles in the four hours we were constantly on the move and looking for our favourite quarry species.

We found nothing except for a handful on wheat stubble not half a mile from my house so we agreed to give it a go with few expectations. We were pleasantly surprised to see a few returning in the two and a half hours we were there and we managed to shoot over forty pigeons with some lost in the standing wheat behind us and some in a roadside hedge where I dare not ask Barney to look for fear of speeding cars.


Pictures Dennis Estates 1.jpg

Pictures Dennis Estates 2.jpg

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Nice couple of hours and well deserved after searching your area and covering a good few miles , that is often the case , you spend hours looking elsewhere and finish up with going on your door step so to speak .

One of the reasons now I only go on the perms nearest to my house , now we are a little bit more restricted with the game season not to far away but I can still find a bit of shooting for mid week then look around for a few for Saturday , 

By the way , your dog is looking well pleased with himself and look in fine condition .

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It was like taking a woman shopping the first shop they look in is  the last shop they buy from and this was no different Jdog shown me this field first thing and thankfully it was fruitful later in the day as the 15000 acres we lookEd upon had no sign of a flight line .. two hides also turned in to one as  they were just picking one set of decoys  so good company/banter had  all round enjoyable day with good sport ... ps video to come 

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22 minutes ago, Balotelli said:

"Good job done", now where have I heard that before? Rings a bell somewhere. 

Yep that'll be me. Doing another one today and tomorrow and Tues. Tedious crop protection but I promise not to enjoy every minute of it. 😁

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