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another one for ballotelli

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two of us ended up shooting same farm as last sat where we shot 80 but it was further down the farm  totally different field, this barley stubble  was cut last monday while we shot 20 birds nearby, the wind was right for the field but the birds were flighting over a large birchwood  with the wind to the field and not against it  but they turned into the wind as they got over the stubble and back towards the wood so set up at 2pm on the face of the wood and they came screaming past from behind  with the wind then turned into it towards the decoys started off slow then gradually picked up as the afternoon wore on  i moved further down the wood to flight birds for a while then ended up back in the hide for the last hour which was the best hour  we lost birds behind in the dense ferns and birch trees behind us and estitmated  68 down and picked 57 shot the last bird at 6.10pm then it stopped completely

edited it to give the carts a mention i normally use RC high performance 32g steel 4s  but recently switched over to gamebore  super steel 32g steel 5s and  i,m well impressed with  them  killing birds out 50 yards no problem at all and there isnt as much recoil as a lot of other steel carts 


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