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What a Difference a Week Makes

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Last week DB was away camping so I was out on my own and set out at 10.00 searching my permissions for pigeons, I found lots of standing beans, rape for next year if the flea beetle leaves it. All I could find was small groups of birds between ten and fifteen with nothing joining and you expect them to just move off and not return if you disturbed them. I found pea stubble with lots on the ground but no wood pigeons just feral and doves. After about and hour I notice Bunny_Blaster driving behind me so I pulled up in the next lay bye, we chewed the fat and he had not seen any birds on his travels. We had a request for a hundred fresh birds for this weekend so we were under pressure. We agreed to keep looking and if one of us found a number perhaps join up again. I continued and found a few on the spring wheat I shot last week , so I decided to set up and as the wind was from the north I set up under the tree I shot at last week I put out the magnet and two flappers between the tree and the hedgeline. The first returning birds did not like the set up and flaired above me shielded by the tree canopy. So I had to move and set up again. B_B rang me to say he had found some on some spring barley stubble and he was going to shoot it from the tree in the field. I know the field and tree and a big hide for two would spook the birds so I declined his offer and let him fill his boots. 

My new hide position was similar to last week but I moved the other side of the fence this allowed me to shoot birds coming down the hedgeline but with the northerly wind this did not happen, the birds came to the tree in the field and were shot. Now the farmer specificly told me not to walk in the crop and this cost me at least ten birds. I shot for two hours before the rain came and I finished up with twentyfour birds. I spoke to B_B and he had one hundred and nineteen, so we had our requested order. B_B contacted the customer to enquire when he wanted the birds with the answer being " Ive just picked up 250 from a mate".

So todays storey, I met up with DB at a field I looked at last week which had now been cut , it is spring barley. Last week it had a few corvids flying over it and it was still standing. DB had received a call from the farmer to come and shoot some of the corvids. DB drove into the field and we both look at it with bins. It had more corvids than pigeons, but it was worth a go. So we set up with 12 fresh birds, two on flappers and the rest on cradles set on the rows of cut barley straw, we had six corvids on spikes to the left of the pattern. We were all set up 11.00 and started shooting, the first shot sent the corvids into the stratisphere. The pigeons just came from all over the place and we had a good number to pairs and tripples. At 13.00 the farmer arrived at the field with his baler machine. We had a quick word and we moved our decoys and he processed the straw infront of us and we replaced our decoys. We continued to keep shooting the pigeons but the corvids kept away from the field. We stopped shooting at 16.30 and started to pick up we ended the day with three hundred and eightysix pigeons and fortysix corvids.I brought the corvids back as I had been requested  to put a few in stock for halloween. 


24 Pigeons

119 Pigeons


386 Pigeons 46 Corvids


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We can always rely on PC for our weekend fix of something out of the ordinary , a bag of a 100 is certainly a one off , then a 200 bag for most people is a once in a lifetime and would take some beating , moving to the next level of 300+ is something we can only read about from someone like yourself and a few other members who are in a different league from the bulk of us .

Well done and THANKS for your detailed reports .

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Cracking PC, yet realistic at the same time. 
From 24 to 386 in the space of a week just shows how even in a very good pigeon area like yours they still move around and pick parts of an area to really home in on. 
Can’t imagine ever shooting that sort of number here, had a 250 odd day this summer though and that seemed like non stop shooting in an afternoon so you must have been busy!! 
Keep it up! Having trouble getting rid of such numbers this year which has also curtailed my shooting somewhat. 

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