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I saw an article in a newspaper a couple of days ago about sparrows communicating with each other. These findings were based on some scientific experiments with a group of sparrows. For some time I've suspected that pigeons do the same thing. We know that they are pretty smart birds. You have to wonder why a field that has taken a pasting one day is totally devoid of pigeons the next day. When do they decide to leave, en masse, is it before roosting or first light?  We seem to know so little about pigeon behaviour despite rubbing shoulders with them over many years.

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30 minutes ago, motty said:

I personally consider pigeons to be pretty stupid birds.

I'm not so sure of that.They can appear to be stupid at times but so can corvids when they "lose it" and I think that we agree that corvids are mighty smart birds. Some experiments have demonstrated that pigeons can carry out some quite complex tasks. 

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