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24 minutes ago, ditchman said:

these folk are way out of my pay grade.............loverly work :good:

Your deer handle knifes are different  and all crefit to you . A knife  has to have a tactile  feel aswell as look . The price of some knives  these days . I would be scared to take it out of the house.  I got a beautiful  knife cheap at a boot sale was out in me boat fishing , my mate was cleaning a fish . Swished over the side of the boat to clean it and dropped the sodding thing into about 300 foot of water . Broke my heart . 

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2 hours ago, Gameking said:

Read it and weep 😉

My Geoff Hague. ( he has been doing for it many years ) so first attempts are rarely successful.

From what I have seen you are not doing too bad 👍



That is rather lovely! I'll get there eventually. I need a new grinder like @fatchap to progress I think but her indoors doesn't seem to think its essential! 

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