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Beretta 303 recoil spring

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Bought a 1986 A303 recently, my first semi auto. Got on well with it on the clays, it didn’t cycle lighter shells well but was to be expected really, otherwise I really like it. I’ve read the recoil spring needs replacing every 5-10k rounds, how would I know if it needs replacing and any recommendations of where to pick one up? 

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It DOES need changing, I have just rebuilt a scrap 301, the bolt on which was snapped (the bolt locking catch). I suspected that this was due to the bolt recoil spring being weak. I ordered a new recoil spring and due to P & P being £17 I ordered a new magazine spring too. (the P & P is more than the cost of the springs ! ). The cost of a new bolt assembly is almost the value of the gun and as such, it is well worth changing the springs. When I removed the old spring, it was almost 1" shorter than the new one. I have totally rebuilt the old 301 and it is now working a treat, it will cycle 24 gram cartridges and of course 28 gram and upwards, without a problem. I will try to find the details of the place I ordered the parts from, they were cheaper than the ' E-Store'. 

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The site for Beretta spares is OMPS2. If you Google that it will come up with the website. I had the parts within a week. Do NOT let anyone tell you that the springs for the 391 guns are the same they are certainly NOT. The 391 spring is around 1" shorter that the 303 springs.

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