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Auritech Shoot hearing protectors

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19 minutes ago, billytheghillie said:

Yes Steve, i have a pair and they are quite good. I used them before i got my Howard Leights  and to be honest i couldnt fault them.  I still carry them with me as  a back up.  Worth the money :good:

I have recently gone the other way...ears were too hot in my Howard Leights so thought I’d try the shoot for £20. Not convinced about the claim to be able to hear almost normally but they do protect from gunfire noise pretty well. 

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Thanks everyone. I'll get a pair. I've got Howard Leights and when on the range, supervising/mentoring people, I'm finding that if someone is next to me, using the club .308 which hasn't got a moderator fitted, they are not fully protecting me. I was going to put some foam earplugs in before wearing the H.Leights.

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