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multi or single shot


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I would personally say that the flaff of single shot loading made one take more time and care on the shot, and at the same time one tended to opt for single shot loading when one wanted to be more careful on a shot

I have shot the Steyr Pro X semi auto and it is just as accurate shooting from a mag as a Steyr single shot if you take your time

But of course it's such fun that you don't



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I know one of these ' some people' who says prefers a single shots system to a mag.

The truth is he bought a used S200 with a single shot ramp and is too tight to buy a mag.

So now when asked, he lies through his teeth, stating they're more accurate to justify his decision. 

If the mag is aligned as it should be, in my experience there is no difference.


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Single shot if I'm shooting hft .

Single shot if I'm teaching new shooters 

Multishot if I'm hunting (but a single will also do ) 

Accuracy    ..... er ......  I have to admit my most accurate sub 12 pcp is a single shot ,and is my competition  gun ,but  I have some VERY accurate multis too .


if your main shooting discipline was hft or ft.or bench rest then you wouldn't really even consider a multi shot gun .

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