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KomodoPro LCD shooting sunglasses - Are they good ?

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I have been looking at these KomodoPro LCD shooting sunglasses for a couple of years now and not managed to find any locally to try on.

Has anyone got a pair as I have heard varying reports as to:

1   Wether they are comfortable to wear ?

2   Are they 'very' effective when you shoot into direct sun?

So many times I am shooting on a very sunny day and think, " I wish I had a pair of those Komodo sunglasses, especially on the days I am paying for the privilege of shooting !

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10 minutes ago, Joe180 said:

They worked in bright sun light, but following a bird from bright light to a dark background eg woodland, I then couldn’t see the bird for that split second, glasses were too dark.

Yes, they claim they adjust in 1/10th of a second, but it sounds like that figure is from dark to direct sunlight. I think they would result in more birds seen than the times going from sun to shadow.

Are you pleased with them?

Are they comfortable?

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On 14/09/2020 at 19:44, Joe180 said:

No I didn’t find them comfortable, there was a lot of light between lens and cheek.i actually asked for a refund.

That's a shame, as from a functionality point of view, KomodoPro LCD shooting sunglasses seem the best on the market unless anyone knows otherwise?

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If they use LCD I'd stay away, I've used LCD darkening welding screens and no matter how good, they all blur the veiw slightly. 

Only way to know any glasses are for you is to try them. I've had mates swear by some shooting glasses, I've tried them and my eyelashes were touching the lens, others have had a big gap at too letting light and debris in. Some lenses I and also my son notices distort your veiw, stare at an object and move the lenses up and down while staring at said object, watch it jump up and down.

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They are extremely effective. I use mine with prescription insert lenses attached and find that they work well.

Yes, they take some getting used to in the sense that they are more like wearing goggles rather than glasses, so I can understand why some find them uncomfortable. They react instantly to bright light and I've not found a problem with them re-adjusting to normal light - that might just be because that scenario hasn't presented itself!

As Figgy says, the best thing is to try them yourself. My stockist had a 'trial' pair that you could use. Not sure if that applies with 'Covid Safe' regs now, but 'Yes' I am happy with mine!




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