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We set out today with the increased corvids regulations that have been imposed in the Birmingham area. We set out in two vehicles and started to look for pigeons, DB had looked at a number of areas yesterday but they had shooters on them, when he inquired what they do with the pigeon the main reply was dump them and as they were lead shot we could not dispose of them for them.

So we set out at 09.00 looking and by 10.30 we rang each other and we had been looking at the same farms and found no birds at all to shoot. I had seen a small amount of corvids on a spring barley stubble so I gave the farmer a call , yes it was shot on wednesday and the birds went off and nothing returned was the reply. Now this barley field is next to a large field of fodder turnips and as it was a warm day in the past the birds would return to feed on the turnips in the afternoon for moisture. so we agreed to set up and have a go at the corvids for the farmer and hope that the pigeon would play ball in the afternoon. We set up with six fresh pigeon with one on a flapper. As we were after corvids as well we did not put out a magnet as in our expirience they spook the corvids. I put out six crows at the left of our pattern. All set up at 11.30 and the first call on the primos and we had a customer straight away. After the first hour we had twenty crows and twenty seven pigeons. This continued into the afternoon and by 15.00 we had a hundred of each and as we had predicted the pigeons were making for the turnip field so we had them coming in to the decoys on the way in and when we shot they spooked off the turnips and back to our decoys. It just went manic with birds coming from all directions to the turnips. We finished shooting at 18.00 and picked up two hundred and sixtyfour pigeons and one hundred and eleven corvids. It took and age to pack up and Ive just had my tea at 21.15. The concern I have with stubble shooting is that you can end up with mega bags which are difficult to process. But I'm not complaining. My only concern is that I will be unable to reply to any comments from my iPad



264 Pigeons and 111 Corvids



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